Barton's Creek Bluffs is a quiet community of single-family homes located off of Leesville Road in North Raleigh. The neighborhood boasts large, rolling lots and earth-tone aesthetics that complement the lovely natural surroundings.

2023 Assessment Amount $128. 00 (January and July)
Dear Homeowners,
This is just a reminder that the board approved to NOT send statements to save mailing costs and the fact that most of our owners pay electronically and no longer use a statement. Statements are $3.00 if you would still like to receive them.  There are two (2) ways to request a statement.  You can reach out to and request (please provide your name, street number and street name) or you can request via the Community Café site.  Please be sure to add an additional $3.00 with your payment.
There are 5 ways to Pay:
1. Request a statement- see above
2. Homeowners own bank- i.e., etc.
3.  Alliance Bank
4.  Community Café- Debit card
5.  Community Café – Credit Card   
Bill Pay own Bank
Payments can also be sent via bill pay through your own bank.  Most banks do not charge their own customers, but you would have to confirm with them.   When making a payment through your own bank the account number would be: 68837688t…..(please reach out to Teresa if you need your ‘t’ number)
The mailing address is:
Bartons Creek Bluff HOA
c/o Towne Properties
PO Box 621717
Orlando, FL 32862-1717
Please reach out to to opt in or opt in via Community Café.  Homeowners account will be charged $3.00 for a statement so please be sure to add an additional $3.00 to your payment.
Alliance Bank
You can also choose to pay through Alliance Bank by following this link:
Alliance Bank charges 0.95 per transaction. 
You’ll need the below information:
  • Management ID: 6883
  • Association ID: 7688
  • Property Account Number: starts with a ‘t’ (please reach out to Teresa if you do not have your account number)
Community Café:
From within Community Café, ( can set up auto-pay with a credit/debit card. When setting up the autopay, select Option 1, and you must make sure to fill out the fields as follows:
  • Start Date: input the current date
  • End Date: leave this field blank. Any date put in this field will erase the autopay set up when that date arrives.
  • Pay On Day: select the day you’d like your payment to process from the drop-down menu.
  • Current Assessment Amount: the full amount of your assessment.***
***If assessments increase in the future you will need to update payment amount, the site will not automatically update.
A reminder that the Community Café site is a 3rd party site and as such they do charge fees for their service:
  • Debit Card $.3.95 for payments up to $999.99 per transaction.
  • Credit Card System will advise depending on the amount of payment per transaction.
Thank you
Management Contacts:
Suzanne Sinoracki
Association Manager
919-878-8787 ext 7218
Teresa Majeed
Community Service Administrator
Trey Smith
Accounts Receivable Specialist
If you have an emergency when our office is closed, please call 919-878-8787 and choose option 3 for our On Call Answering Service.  Please make sure you leave your name, community name, address, phone number, and email with the answering service.  If your call is deemed an emergency, your information will be provided to the On Call Manager to handle the issue for you.  If your call is not an emergency, the information will be provided to your Management Team to handle during normal business hours.  
Numbers to Remember
Who do I reach out to with questions
Community Service Admin
  • Architectural Applications
  • Violation Questions
  • General Questions , ie:
    • Community Rules
    • Change of address or account information change
Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Balance or account questions
  • Payment Plans or Collections
Realtor/Lender Questions
  • Please refer your realtor to the realtor disclosure form and to  If you need further assistance contact Your Community Service Admin.